teen & senior portrait promo

spring & summer '23

I'm looking for 6 teens or seniors for a special promo in my studio!

A portrait session with me is an amazing self-care experience that can change the way you see yourself. My clients have all loved their photographs, and tell me how much of a confidence boost they feel from doing a session. And, these portraits will be with you ALWAYS to remind you every time you see them.

i want to see the prom dresses!

I can still remember how amazing I felt in mine... it was hot pink with gold beading, and SO outside the box of what I would usually wear! But that's one of the best things about prom, having a special occasion to put on a gorgeous gown and feel like a million bucks.

I know that a lot of school dances have been cancelled or postponed over the last few years, and whether that has happened to you or not, I'm here to give you another day to look and feel amazing in your dress... AND experience our signature magazine-style photo shoot.

Note: a prom dress is not required for this promo, and all genders are welcome


For this spring and summer only, I am offering a special senior & teens' portrait package for only $599 ($914 in value!)


  • Pre-consultation and creative direction: Although I'm so excited to photograph you in your prom dress, this is a full session with 3-4 outfits! At our pre-consultation, we'll discuss how you would love to be photographed, and I'll help you pick out the perfect variety of wardrobe for your session.
  • Full access to our style closet: No dress? No problem. My studio collection of beautiful gowns is available, in a variety of sizes and pretty much every color of the rainbow! You can even browse and try on my dresses at your free pre-consultation.
  • Professional makeup & hairstyling: You'll get to sit and relax while one of my amazing makeup artists pampers you with the perfect camera-ready look, at no extra charge.
  • 1.5 - 2hr photo shoot in our studio: I will guide you all the way through your session, and I'll direct you through all the poses, so you'll never have to worry about what to do in front of the camera. I know how to find each person's best angles and flattering poses for all body types.
  • Same-day image reveal: No need to wait, you'll get to see your photos after we shoot! Your first 3 digital images are included with this package, and you'll have the opportunity at your reveal to purchase more if you would like. All of your final portraits will then receive my magazine-worthy edit and retouch.

there are only 6 spots available at this promo price!

reserve yours today:

Our studio is located in the West End of Richmond, Virginia, and is open by appointment only. Feel free to call with any questions: (804) 368-4464.

Can't wait to start planning your DREAM photo shoot!

- Julie