Richmond VA Boudoir and Portrait Photographer - Julie Adams Portrait
modern glam


Treat yourself to a fun, one-of-a-kind photo shoot experience at my studio in Richmond, Virginia! Modern glam is all about celebrating YOU and getting to see with your own eyes how beautiful you truly are.

I have a passion for photographing women of all ages, backgrounds, careers... after all, EVERY woman is beautiful and deserves stunning photographs to show it. Portraits are not just for yourself to enjoy and feel fabulous, but they are a piece of our history, and they are what the world will still have of us after we are gone. For these reasons, and for your family, getting these portraits done will be one of the most important investments you can ever make.

We start out at the studio giving you the supermodel treatment with professional makeup, hair styling, and helping you pick the perfect outfits to flatter and show your style and personality. From glamorous gowns to high fashion to jeans and tees, there are endless possibilities! I will also give you helpful tips on what to look for when you're picking out clothes to bring. Plus it's the perfect excuse for a shopping trip, to find something extra special!

We always use a few different outfits during a session, and you don't have to worry about knowing what to do in front of the camera - I will be directing you all the way from head to toe.

My job is to show you the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself, and I'm confident that I can do so! Contact me for more information, and to start planning your dream photo shoot.