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Portrait Session Info & Pricing

In my studio, my goal is not just to create gorgeous images for you, but also to provide excellent full service from beginning to end. I'm here to help you plan before the session, guide you through the shoot with my expertise in posing and styling, and then help you to choose the right images and products for you. There is no minimum purchase requirement, you just buy whatever images you love. Scroll through this page to see all of the different services available!

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Modern Glam

Modern glam is all about celebrating YOU and getting to see with your own eyes how beautiful you truly are.

I have a passion for photographing women of all ages, backgrounds, careers... after all, EVERY woman is beautiful and deserves stunning photographs to show it. Portraits are a piece of our history, and they are what the world will still have of us after we are gone. That is why getting these portraits done will be one of the best investments you can ever make.

We start out at the studio giving you the supermodel treatment with professional makeup, hair styling, and helping you pick the perfect outfits to flatter and show your style and personality. From glamorous gowns to high fashion to jeans and tees, there are endless possibilities! I will also give you helpful tips on what to look for when you're picking out clothes to bring. Plus it's the perfect excuse for a shopping trip, to find something extra special!

You don't even have to worry about knowing what to do in front of the camera, because I will be directing you all the way from head to toe.

I'm confident that I can show you the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself! Contact me to start planning your dream photo shoot.

The session fee is $190, with images starting at $85 and packages starting at $450.

Modern Glam Gallery

Richmond Boudoir Photographer


I absolutely love doing boudoir sessions with my clients. Most likely this is unlike anything you've ever done before, and I love making the transformation from your everyday self into your inner vixen. And, there's nothing like that moment when you get to see the final images that look like they came straight from a magazine.

A boudoir session can make the most amazing gift for your significant other, but it's really even more of a present to yourself. Pretty much all of my clients are nervous before doing the shoot, but they all leave feeling fabulous with a new sense of confidence!

We always use a few different outfits during a session, and we give you the supermodel treatment with professional makeup and hair styling before we shoot. There are lots of wardrobe possibilities aside from lingerie as well, like casual tees and tanks, your favorite jeans, or a daring dress... whatever you feel sexy in!

We all have some insecurities about our bodies, but with my skills in posing, lighting, and coaching out your best expressions, you can trust me to craft stunning photographs that you will love. Contact me today to start planning your shoot!

The session fee is $190, with images starting at $85 and packages starting at $450.

Boudoir Gallery


I LOVE photographing maternity! This is such a beautiful time in a woman's life, and we'll have lots of fun creating your unique portraits. Your child will love to have these images to look back on how it all began, and to see how special this time was for you.

We always use a few different outfits during a session, and you get the supermodel treatment with makeup and hair styling before we start to shoot!

The best time for a maternity session is usually around 6-7 months, so contact me early on to start planning your dream session! The session fee is $190, with images starting at $85 and packages starting at $450.

Maternity Gallery

Bridal Portraits

Who says you only get to wear your wedding dress once?? A bridal portrait session is the best way to break that rule.

Studio portraits are my specialty, so I love having brides in for a fun morning of makeup, hair styling, and your own personalized photo shoot. Your wedding day will be fast-paced, but here in the studio we'll have plenty of time to craft a variety of stunning portraits to commemorate the most important outfit you'll ever have.

We can even do a bridal-boudoir look as well if you're interested! Contact me to schedule your session! The session fee is $290, with images starting at $85 and packages starting at $450. The session fee includes both a professional bridal makeup artist and a professional bridal hair stylist here at the studio!

Bridal Portrait Gallery

Senior Portraits

When you first think of senior portraits, the traditional yearbook photo might come to mind. But here in my studio, we put a fun and modern twist on this tradition and do a whole photo shoot personalized to let their style and personality shine through. It's so much fun to photograph young adults at this age, when they are excited to be coming into their own world and make their mark on it. We use a few different outfits during the shoot, which can be anything from casual to formal, or whatever in between. For ladies, makeup and hair styling is included with the session, and it's the perfect time to get to wear that fabulous prom dress again!

The session fee is $190, with images starting at $85 and packages starting at $450. Contact me to start planning for your session!

Senior Portrait Gallery

Richmond VA Senior Portrait Photographer

Head Shots + Personal Branding

The days of the boring, traditional head shot are over! Personal branding is all about having great photographs to represent yourself both professionally and personally. Together we can create a variety of eye-catching portraits that are sure to grab people's attention, show your personality, and make you stand out from the crowd.

The session fee is $190, with images starting at $85 and packages starting at $450. Group rates are available as well. Contact me to start planning for your personal branding session!

Personal Branding Gallery

Kids + Family

Your kids are probably your most proud accomplishment in life, not to mention how just plain adorable they are! Smartphone cameras have been great for everyday memories, but nothing will compare to beautiful professional photos of your little ones. I absolutely love kids and babies, so I have so much fun with these sessions! Whether they are one year old or sixteen, I know you have been watching them grow up too fast. My mission is to capture both their cuteness and their personality in images that you and all your other family members will cherish.

You may think at first that you just want photos of the kids, but one of the most rewarding things you can do is to have the whole family in together for a session. It is so important to exist in photographs with our children; they will treasure the photographs with you in them the most. Moms even get makeup and hair styling as part of the session, at no extra charge!

Session fee varies based on number of people. Images start at $85, and packages start at $450. Contact me here for more information!

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Richmond VA Family Portrait Photographer

Parties, Friends, + Groups

Are you looking for a really fun and out-of-the-box idea for a girls' get together? Bachelorette party? Birthday party? Or just a day to celebrate your most important friendships? Your girls will all love sharing this experience together, and the photographs will be so special and wonderful for you to have. Hairstyling and makeup for everyone is included, so you'll all be looking fabulous and be all set for a night out after your photo shoot!

Session fee varies based on number of people. Images start at $85, and packages start at $450. Contact me here for more information!


Don't forget about the furry members of your family! Those who know me know that I'm a huge animal lover... I have two furbabies and two scaly-babies of my own, so I know how your pets are truly a part of the family. That's why they deserve to have their portrait on your wall, too! 

The session fee is $90, with images starting at $85 and packages starting at $450. Contact me and tell me all about your pet!

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