What's included?

A. The $389 session fee includes your pre-consultations, creative direction and planning, complimentary pro makeup & hairstyling, and a 1.5 hour photo shoot in our studio. Digital and print packages are sold separately.

What to wear?

A. We always use multiple outfits in a session... no need to choose just one! I'll send you my tips and inspo, and I'm here to help you find the perfect variety of options.

but I don't have any fancy clothes...

A. My huge studio wardrobe collection is available to use for your session! I have various sizes, colors, and BEAUTIFUL gowns waiting for you. You can even come in on a separate day before your session, to browse and try things on!

What if I don't know how to pose?

A. Don't worry, I'll be directing you through all the poses, all the way from head to toe! I'm an expert at posing for all body types, and I'll be there coaching you through the whole time.

When can I see the photos?

A. We are now offering SAME-DAY proofing! When we're done with the photo shoot, take a break for about 15-20 minutes while I upload the photos for viewing. Then, you can choose your favorites and decide how many you would like to purchase.

Can you photoshop out my blemish, scar, etc?

A. Absolutely! Your final selection of portraits will all go through my full magazine-style edit and retouch. If there is anything specific that you do/do not want edited, let me know and I'm happy to accommodate when possible.

Do you offer any payment plans?

A. Yes! Payment plans are available for all packages, interest-free.

i want to do a session, but I'm not ready yet...

A. We typically book weeks to months in advance, depending on our availability. Even if you want to do your session later on down the road, book it now so you can lock in our current pricing, and you'll have your date all ready to look forward to!