Richmond VA Boudoir and Portrait Photographer - Julie Adams Portrait

  Classy Boudoir Photographer  Flannel Shirt Boudoir


Boudoir is probably my most requested type of session to do, and one of my favorites! I love seeing the transformation from your everyday self into your inner vixen, and creating your personalized images that look like they came out of a magazine. 

A boudoir session can make the most amazing gift for your significant other, but it's really even more of a present to yourself. Pretty much all of my clients are nervous before doing the shoot, but they all leave feeling fabulous with a new sense of confidence!

We always use a few different outfits during a session, and we give you the supermodel treatment with professional makeup and hair styling before we shoot! 

We all have insecurities about our bodies, but with my skills in posing, lighting, and coaching out your best expressions, you can trust me to craft stunning photographs that you will love. Contact me today to learn more and start planning your shoot!